Vince Heber | Julius | That night, Kronk suddenly remembers Pacha's face and links him to Kuzco. At the end of the film, Yzma is shown to be taken to the bird's nest, where its two eggs hatch and the chicks lunge to attack her before the credits roll. Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins • Bert • Penguin Waiter • Carousel Horse Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins • Bert, Matterhorn Bobsleds: Abominable Snowman King Beast | Evil-doer She also appears in other media as a cat. Suzi | Fantomius | Cinderella: Cinderella • Fairy Godmother • Gus • Prince Charming • Jaq • Lucifer • Anastasia • Drizella • Lady Tremaine • Wedding Cinderella Vogons | Turning the royal record keeper into a bird and disguising herself as him, she placed doubts in Kuzco's mind about the pressures of leadership and later gave him an everlasting chicken potion. Crimes Jasper & Horace | Yzma also appeared in the Halloween Soirée event alongside Kronk and numerous other Disney villains. Wolves | Yzma is seemingly defeated, but her stubbornness and desire to rule force her to regain her strength. Charlotte | Hamish Ascot | Hun Army (Xian Lang), Other Animated Movies Monsters, Inc.: Sulley • Mike • Boo • Randall • Celia • Roz • Fungus • George Sanderson Pixar Villains: Sid Phillips • Scud • Hopper • Molt • Emperor Zurg • Stinky Pete • Randall Boggs • Henry J. Waternoose III • Bruce • Syndrome • Chick Hicks • Chef Skinner • AUTO • Charles F. Muntz • Lotso • Miles Axlerod • Professor Z • Mor'du • Thunderclap • Ernesto de la Cruz • Evelyn Deavor • Dragon the Cat She appears in one of Kronk's flashbacks, wherein she has returned to human form but still has the tail of a cat. Hydra | A few times, Yzma had come close to claiming the throne. She takes another chance, but this time, she gets turned into a helpless turtleneck sweater. Scarfield | Aladdin: Aladdin • Abu • Genie • Jasmine • Jafar • Sultan • Iago • Rajah However, Yzma drinks a potion to transform into a cute bunny rabbit, so that no one will want to attack her. Brom Bones | The Wolf | Finding Nemo/Finding Dory: Nemo • Dory • Hank • Crush • Bruce • Baby Dory • Destiny • Bailey • Pearl Kakamora | Latham Cole | Ivan Krank | Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip • Dale • Gadget • Monterey Jack Ashcan and Pete | Arno | Max & Thor | Penny Lent | In Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Yzma makes a deal with fellow villain Hades (in the guise of local Underworld god Lazuli) to become Empress of Adventureland in exchange for part of the crystal of the Magic Kingdom. Gloomius Maximus | Shadow Blot | Blackbeard | Jolly Roger | Tad White | After doing so, Yzma redecorates the palace in time for her mother's arrival, to prove to Azma that she achieved something. Viscount Mabrey | Besides animation, Yzma also made some appearances in Emperor's New Groove-based comics in Disney Adventures Magazine. Drizella Tremaine (2015) | Willie | Zira | Pom-Pom | Miss Hendra | A Goofy Movie: Max • Vacation Goofy • Powerline, Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck Sark | Leviathan | Elena of Avalor: ElenaEnchanted: Giselle The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington • Sally • Zero • Lock, Shock, and Barrel • Oogie Boogie • Dr. Finkelstein • Mayor of Halloween Town • Santa Claus Sleeping Beauty: Aurora • Phillip • Maleficent • Flora • Fauna • Merryweather • Diablo • Samson • King Stefan • Goon • Owl • Rabbit Tangled Villains | Thantos DuBaer | Tabaqui (1998) | Ab Cross | See more ideas about The emperor's new groove, Emperors new groove, New groove. Cruella De Vil | Wander Over Yonder Villains | Te Kā | Other names Freddie Facilier | High quality The Emperors New Groove Yzma inspired Mugs by independent artists and designers from around the world. Pirates of the Caribbean Villains | Sleeping Beauty Villains | Nebula Ghosts | It was directed by Mark Dindal, produced by Randy Fullmer, written by David Reynolds, and stars David Spade, John Goodman, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Warburton and Wendie Malick. When making plans to harm Kuzco, she often tries to create overly unnecessarily complicated plans, before settling on a simpler version. Wooly Bill Hitchcock | Advisor of Emperor Kuzco (formerly)Empress (briefly) Giant Magnet | Sarah Sanderson | Fates | Lyle Van de Groot | Yzma also plots to turn the villagers into alpacas...and make nice sweaters, too. Yzma's color theme was stated to be a black and purple aesthetic, being that purple and black are colors often associated with evil. Oswald Granger | Edgar Balthazar | Devon & Rex | Asylum D'Loons (Monsieur D'Arque) | Halloween: Rock on With The Disney Villains, The Kronk's New Groove: Ms. Birdwell • Papi • Hildy • Tina Wreck-It Ralph Villains | Mountain Ox | Uma | Natalya | Minions Sea Monkeys | Firework: Wonderful World of Animation Davy Jones | Card Soldiers | The Sword in the Stone: Arthur • Archimedes • Merlin • Madam Mim • Sugar Bowl Timber Wolf | But scenes of it were used in the Theatrical Trailer of the movie. CLU 2 | She always wears black sandals and has sharp, long fingernails. Sofia the First: Sofia • Minimus • Skye DuckTales Villains | Butch Cavendish | Take over the empire.Kill Kuzco and Pacha (both failed). Speckles | Opal Koboi | Club Penguin Villains | Hag & Werewolf | Pinocchio Villains | Mack McCro | Bandits | Mr. Eben | Prince Achmed | Titans (Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos & Cyclops) | Wreck-It Ralph: Wreck-It Ralph • Fix-It Felix Jr. The Hunchback of Notre Dame Villains | Frank Sitwell | With the assistance of Kronk, who constantly fails to recognize her until she drops her disguise, she comes up with various schemes (most involve potions that transform Kuzco into an animal, similarly to the film) in order to make Kuzco fail one of his classes. Yzma has a cameo appearance in the film in which after returning to a human form (with the exception of a cat tail), Yzma finds Kronk and tells him that she is no longer evil and involves him in a plan to sell youth potion to the old people. Scar | Chicken Little: Chicken Little Alexandercrawford27. Later on, she vents her rage by smashing busts of Kuzco (whom she has now turned on and who she claims to have raised thus being his adoptive mother) with a giant hammer (with Kronk, her right-hand man, putting out more and more busts for her to destroy). James Madison | Bandar Log (2016) (King Louie (2016)) | Sparky | Uto & Kago | All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. The show's premise is that Kuzco must attend school and pass all of his classes in order to remain Emperor. Zhan Tiri | In the climax, she and Supai met their deaths when Pacha lassoed the Sun towards the Earth. Disney Fairies: Periwinkle • Rosetta • Silvermist Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz | When Kronk lets it slip that he let Kuzco live and get carted away by a local peasant, Yzma and Kronk set out to silence Kuzco for good before word can get out that he is still alive. Pluto's Devil | Sabor | Kuzco, Pacha, Kronk, Chicha, Chaca, Tipo, Yupi, Malina King George III | Neils Skellig | Hunters | Yzma Witch Hazel | King Henry | The Incredibles: Mr. However, Kuzco and Yzma narrowly avoid seeing each other. Were-Rat | Gogans | Haunted Mansion Villains | With their deal null and void, Kuzco drops Yzma down a trapdoor. Tap a lever to create a potion or drop Yzma, ... Unlock by making progress on The Emperor’s New Grove group collection! Red Queen | Cad Lackey | Morgana le Fay | Ursula | Ian Howe | Bennett Hoenicker | Arpine Lusene | LeFou | To overthrow Kuzco and become the Empress of the empire (failed) Villains | Aside from "Snuff Out the Light", Eartha Kitt also sang a reprise of opening number "Perfect World"; this would have been performed by Yzma when she became Empress and was intended to show that she had not only stolen Kuzco's Empire and Palace, but also his theme song. Roscoe & DeSoto | Descendants Villains | Si & Am | In order to make Kuzco fail, Yzma poses as Principal Amzy, the principal of Kuzco Academy. Chato | • The Emperor's New Groove: Groove Center • Disney Emoji Blitz • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode • Disney Sorcerer's Arena • Disney Magic Kingdoms However, her role is much smaller than in the first film. Duke of Weselton | Black Scorpions (General Fang) | ""Pull the lever, Kronk! Reputedly, animator Andreas Deja was furious at this change, thinking the idea for the new version of the film to be a step backward, and left not only the project but Burbank entirely, moving to Florida to animate Lilo for Lilo & Stitch. Kronk was not in the story; instead, Yzma's henchmen consist of a talking talisman named Hucua (voiced by Harvey Fierstein and animated by Nik Ranieri), and three mummies named Mick, Bowie, and Lemmy. She was voiced by the late Eartha Kitt, who also played Vexus in My Life as a Teenage Robot, Agatha K. Plummer in Harriet the Spy, and Catwoman in the 1966 Batman television series episode "Dressed to Kill". It | Evil Clown | Cufflingk and Underlingk | Pramod Kadam | Soul: Joe • 22, Descendants: Mal Yzma is the main antagonist of Disney's The Emperor's New Groove franchise. It is claimed that Yzma's main color is purple because it is a color that represents madness. John Ricketts | Yzma was still voiced by Eartha Kitt, but at this point, was animated by Andreas Deja. Maleficent's Goons | Hercules: Hercules • Meg • Pegasus • Hades • Phil • Zeus As everyone, including Yzma, believes that Kuzco is dead, Yzma arranges a (very half-hearted) funeral for Kuzco, but then quickly ends it and becomes empress and redecorates the palace (cut from singing her own version of "Perfect World"). Winnie the Pooh Villains | Arawn | Peter Thorndyke | Yzma In Disney's Hollywood Studios, Yzma appears alongside Tamatoa and Hades in Wonderful World of Animation as one of the main villains. However, Yzma's transport tent sprouts wings, and she and Kronk begin to sail over the gorge. Captain Nemo | Kendall Duncan | Rufus Sorghum | Lady and the Tramp: Lady • Tramp Forty Thieves | Hercules: Hercules • Megara • Hades Andrei Strasser | Cecil Clayton | Pain & Panic | Ricky King | Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Madam Mim | Nizam | The Watcher | George McKinzie | Telmarines (Glozelle & Sopespian) | Beatrice Stanhope | Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | The Owl House Villains | Fate In 2019, Yzma appears alongside Kuzco and Kronk on Tuesday Is Guest Star Day of Disney Stars on Parade. John Ratcliffe | Yzma was still voiced by Eartha Kitt, but at this point, was animated by Andreas Deja. Marvel Animated Movie Universe Villains | Makoos | V.A. Morganians (Maxim Horvath, Abigail Williams, Sun Lok, Drake Stone & Marrok) | Iago (2019) | Cars: Lightning McQueen • Cruz Ramirez • Jackson Storm • Mater Nome King | Lock, Shock & Barrel | Butch the Bulldog | Allies BluffCo Industries (Guy Graham, Bob & Bluff Agents) | CJ Hook | Azma (mother)Zim and Zam (nephews)Kuzco (ward; formerly) Gaston LeGume | Appearance Sleeping Beauty: Aurora • Prince Phillip • Maleficent • Flora • Fauna • Merryweather Carla Santini | Queen Narissa | Jafar (2019) | Durante | In Disney California Adventure, Yzma makes a brief appearance at the end of World of Color: Villainous alongside other villains. Jay Fuller | Gustav the Giant | King Leonidas | She returned in 2013 and has since made numerous appearances in Disneyland Paris. Pocahontas: Pocahontas • Flit • Meeko Kuala | Vikings | Clayton's Pirates | Mr. Sir | Sinon Bar Sinister | Elliot Coleye | Foxy Loxy | Kingdom of the Sun's story was similar to that of Mark Twain's The Prince and the Pauper; the Emperor (here, called Manco) switched places with Pacha (at this point, voiced by Owen Wilson), who, in this version, was physically identical to Manco. Cinderella Villains | Mitch Wilkinson | 101 Dalmatians Villains | Yzmas Birthday Scene where Yzma wheres a sombrero in The Disney movie the Emperors New GrooveAll rights belong to Disney • "A Fair to Remember" • "Working Girl" • "Curse of the Moon Beast" • "Aww, Nuts!" The Emperor's New Groove is an upcoming 2020 American musical fantasy adventure film directed by Guy Ritchie and Jon Favreau, from the screenplay co-written with John August, written by Justin Marks, and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. LeFou (2017) | Villains | Bad Oliver & Company: Oliver • Dodger • Tito • Rita • Francis • Einstein If he fails even one class, he will not be able to retake the throne. She is an evil sorceress and the former advisor to Emperor Kuzco. Evie | Rustlers | MaleficUsurpationAttempted murderAttempted regicideTreasonConningIncriminationAnimal crueltyCorruptionPollutionAbuse of powerBrainwashingKidnappingConspiracyStarvationDrug dealingAbuseFraud Alonzo Hawk | Once Kuzco became emperor again in the series' finale "Graduation Groove", Yzma was demoted to Kronk's secretary by Kuzco's order. Animated Features Dr. Calico | Artemis Fowl Villains | Yzma reaches the vial before Kuzco and Pacha and seems to have won until she is knocked out by Kronk, who has just emerged from the other end of the trapdoor. Troll | When Kingdom of the Sun eventually became The Emperor's New Groove, Yzma became a more comical character, and her motivation changed from vanity to lust for power and revenge. Magic Mirror | Tick Tock | Yzma sees what she wants and makes it hers. Alameda Slim | Card Soldiers | Cinderella: Cinderella • Jaq and Gus • Prince Charming • Fairy Godmother • Lady Tremaine • Lucifer • Suzy • Perla • Bruno The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmeralda • Quasimodo • Hugo It resulted in all of Yzma's team, Yzma included, transforming into llamas in the middle of the game, thus resulting in her being disqualified due to attempted cheating. Occupation Her voice actress has known for her highly distinctive singing style and her 1953 recordings of the French popular song "C'est si bon" and the Christmas novelty song "Santa Baby". Sa'Luk | Zootopia: Judy Hopps • Nick Wilde • Clawhauser • Finnick • Flash Lothar | James Haggin | Tabaqui (1994) | It's a live-action adaptation of Disney's 2000 animated film. Snow White Villains | Purple is also a color intermediate between red and blue. Havershaw | Being fired, squirrels, Kronk's incompetence, Kronk's spinach puffs, gravy, mud, the jungle Goosey Loosey | Wilson Croft | Yzma was also based on singer Yzma Sumac, the "Inca princess of Hollywood"; Sumac may have inspired Yzma's extravagant and varied wardrobe. Fantasia: Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey • Yen Sid Bookman | Ratso Ratzkiwatzki | Boogeymen | Coachman's Minions | Dr. Terminus | The Jungle Book: Baloo • Kaa • King Louie When Yzma pours the potion on the cactus, the cactus becomes shaped like a llama, a clear sign that it was llama extract, not poison. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. In the spinoff, The Emperor's New School, Yzma, once again plots to take the throne from Kuzco. H. U. Hennessy | Sarousch | However, after accidentally knocking over a poison vile, which destroys a plant, a plan to simply poison the emperor occurs to her. Jesse | A.J. The Princess and the Frog: Dr. Facilier Stabbington Brothers | Snerbert | I'll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I'll put that flea in a box, and then I'll put that box inside of another box, … The Princess and the Frog: Tiana • Louis • Ray • Dr. Facilier During their dinner wit… Yzma was quick to deny the use of animal-transformation potions, the royal record keeper appears to support their claims. Inside Out: Joy • Sadness • Anger • Disgust • Fear • Bing Bong 17 Reasons Yzma Is The Actual Hero Of "The Emperor's New Groove" To be fair, your spinach puffs do suck. Chip Whistler, Disney Parks Aladdin: The Genie • Aladdin • Jasmine • Jafar • Abu • Rajah • Iago • Magic Carpet • Disguised Jasmine • Snake Jafar Popov | Dale Baer commented that Eartha Kitt's actions when voicing Yzma inspired many of the character's physical mannerisms. 5:14. Nazi School Teacher | Chester Hoenicker | Disney Villains Intelligent, eccentric, selfish, evil, greedy, mean, nasty, power-hungry, sarcastic, ruthless, short-tempered, rude, mysterious, cold-hearted, manipulative, stubborn, sophisticated, paranoid, murderous, temperamental, impatient, cruel, deceptive, envious, arrogant, devious — Preceding unsigned comment added by 22:03, 29 July 2014 (UTC) Can you explain why you think this is so? Zarina, Direct-to-video/Disneytoon Studios Sequels They find that Yzma and Kronk are there searching for Kuzco (by claiming that they are distant relatives of Pacha). Big Mac | Man | Yzma was the villainess in the 2000 Disney animated feature film "The Emperor's New Groove". Power, money, plotting against Kuzco, magical potions, singing Wreck-It Ralph: Vanellope • Ralph • Yesss • Fix-It Felix Jr. • Calhoun • King Candy Ratatouille: Remy • Linguini True to life, purple is considered to be a less likable color in some cultures. Shere Khan (2016) | Dark Dragon | Tags: yzma, potion, le follie dellimperatore, the emperors new groove, emperor, new, groove, lama, kuzco, kronk, disney, classic, movie, cartoon Kim Possible Villains | Fillmore! A Bug's Life: Flik • Princess Atta • Heimlich Oh, I know. Demon Cats | The next day, after being informed of Kuzco's "death", Yzma arranges a (very half-heartedly) funeral for him and quickly concludes it by replacing Kuzco's image with her own and establishing herself as the new ruler of the empire. Mike | Mary Sanderson | In House of Mouse, Yzma makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Pluto vs. Figaro". Borra | ""Why do we even have that lever?" Hun Army (Hayabusa & Elite Hun Soldiers) | After Kuzco was forced to call in sick due to a rasping throat, he assigns Yzma with managing the Kuzcofest, although she secretly intended to change it to Yzmafest, which included depriving the food. Relatives This backfires when Kronk accidentally mixes up vials in between the poison and a potion that turns the drinker into a llama, resulting in Kuzco becoming such an animal. Yzma later appears at the finale with the other villains of the show. Phantom Blot | Her role in Kingdom of the Sun was similar in some ways; she was still the villainess, and was a member of the royal court, but was a sorceress (rather than a mad scientist). Treasure Planet Villains | Yzma is one of the villains who was imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost . It is unknown what this piece of dialogue demonstrates. Comanche Chief | Sheep Cops | Merlock | However, both Yzma and the vial return to the roof, with the help of a giant trampoline. Zombies | Toy Santa | Princess Mombi | Yzma | When Kuzco takes the potion, she attacks him. A Twisted Tale Villains | Sylvester Shyster | Turbo | Affiliations When Pacha tries to help, she scratches him, causing him to fall. William Boone | During the first half of the film, she sells sewer sludge to the old people, telling them that it is a youth potion, singing the song "Feel Like a Million" and using a reformed Kronk to advertise the product, promising to help him purchase a mansion to impress his father, while the empire elects Yzma as empress (her primary goal). Lloyd Halverson | However, despite her intellectualism, she can also be somewhat unqualified and incompetent with it, as she accidentally uses an extract of a llama on Kuzco, thinking that it was poison due to mislabeling (that was Kronk's doing). Amphibia Villains | Nigel | Jesters | Audrey, Secondary However, she usually fails to pay attention to minor details, which results in her plans being thwarted. Old Joe | Walrus & Carpenter | She is also a complicated and impenetrable thinker; one example was her original plan to kill Emperor Kuzco (which was to turn Kuzco into a flea, put him into a box, put that box into another box, mail it to herself, and when it arrived, she will in her own words "SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!"). "To the secret lab! Bandar Log (1994) (King Louie (1994) & Kaa (1994)) | Hyena Clan (2019) (Shenzi, Kamari & Azizi) | Kaa | Jabberwock | Sykes | See more ideas about emperors new groove, new groove, the emperor's new groove. The Good Dinosaur: Arlo Sergeant Clairbourne | Goals Brutus & Nero | Lucinda | Jasper and Horace Badun (1996) | Tangled: Rapunzel • Pascal • Flynn Rider • Maximus • Tiara Rapunzel • Mother Gothel Red Stick | Maleficent (2014) | Eddie Taffet | Eartha Kitt (2000-2008)Mark Dindal (as a cat)[1]Grey DeLisle (as a teenager) Emperor Kuzco is the character of the movie The Emperor's New Groove from Walt Disney Pictures. Lash | 1 Promotional images 2 Stock art 3 Concept Art 3.1 Animation test 4 Screenshots 4.1 The Emperor's New Groove 4.2 Kronk's New Groove 4.3 The Emperor's New School 4.4 House of Mouse 5 Video Games 6 Disney parks and other live appearances 7 Miscellaneous Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to this gallery Add a photo to … After everyone gasps in shock, Yzma reminds that Kuzco technically did not graduate as she had his diploma in her hand. Full Name Despite this, however, Kuzco managed to return from his illness and trick Yzma into doing things his way by supplying the banquet to the people. ", "To the Secret Lab! Maestro Forte | Villains. Extravagant Usurper, High experience in alchemyManipulationCunningSchemingSpeedAgility, MaleficUsurpationAttempted murderAttempted regicideTreasonConningIncriminationAnimal crueltyCorruptionPollutionAbuse of powerBrainwashingKidnappingConspiracyStarvationDrug dealingAbuseFraud. Sugar Plum Fairy | Aug 27, 2020 - Explore Kimberly McCumber's board "Emperor's New Groove", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. Orddu, Orwen & Orgoch | The Jungle Book Villains | She is then snatched and carried away by a condor. Malcolm | Gilbert Sipes | Yzma is one of the few female Disney Villains to be physically fought in their respective debut films. Grace Goodwin | Inspector Fix | They seem to have succeeded, but before they get to the other side, they are struck by lightning and then fall into a chasm. Willie Brothers | The Lion Guard: Kion • Ono • Bunga • Beshte • Fuli Darkwing Duck Villains | Background information In Villains Tonight, Yzma appears as one of Disney's most powerful villains who helps Hades' evil-o-meter rise. Peru Old Man Tree | Mr. Patel | Professor Ratigan | Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Feature Production (Eartha Kitt) Black Triangles | Sheriff of Notthingham | Trivialist 22:58, 29 July 2014 (UTC) Why is … Drizella Tremaine | Taking the llama's unconscious body to the edge of the city in a big red bag, Kronk throws Kuzco into the river, but after talking to his conscience, Kronk has a change of heart at the last minute and rushes to save the Emperor before he falls to his apparent death, and succeeds. Air Bud Villains | Suddenly Kronk jerks awake] Kronk : The peasant, at … Jean-Pierre Le Pelt | Ms. Stout | Home She has a daughter named Yzla. Deleted: Huaca • Supai • Mick, Bowie, and Lemmy • Mata • Nina • Owen • Snowball, Season Two: "The Emperor's New Tuber" • "Room for Improvement" • "Cool Summer" • "Prisoner of Kuzcoban" • "Ramon's a Crowd" • "Guakumentary" • "Show Me the Monkey" • "Demon Llama" • "Picture This!" She is Kuzco's arch-nemesis. Dislikes Ripslinger | Yzma's design is also inspired by that of Cruella De Vil, who boasts similarly angular hips and shoulders. Harpe Brothers | Alistair Patton | Diablo the Raven | Buster | Wilse Owens | Isaac | Percival C. McLeach | Kuzco finally realizes Pacha was right and searches frantically for him, but Pacha has already left. Buena Vista International Villains | Kaa (2016) | Neville Sinclair | Beast | Zeke Midas Wolf | Cruella De Vil (1996) | Yzma then orders Kronk to kill the duo after throwing a knife at him, but her henchman once again has a change of heart and after Yzma, upon seeing Kronk talking to himself, berates him on his incompetence and his cooking (the latter insult ultimately hurting his feelings), he cuts the rope to a chandelier, but it falls around Yzma instead of on her, and then she sends Kronk down a trapdoor, along with his Shoulder Angel and Devil. Alice in Wonderland: Alice • Mad Hatter • March Hare • Dormouse • White Rabbit • Cheshire Cat • Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee • Queen of Hearts • King of Hearts • Caterpillar • Dinah • Oysters Medfield College Villains | Thugs (Fidget, Felicia & Bartholomew) | Little Einsteins Villains | Just as she was finally about to become Empress, Malina and Kronk arrive with chicken-Kuzco to expose Yzma's evil plot. Yzma largely serves as a dark parallel to. William Weatherall Wilkins | Kuzco and Pacha reach the palace, only to find that their pursuers somehow got there first (by a method which, humorously, not even they know). Here, Yzma tries to take over Max Goof's concert, but is upstaged by Kuzco. Mr. Winkie | Firebird | The Emperor's New Groove: Kuzco • Kronk • Pacha • Yzma • Yzma Kitty Gerda | Enemies Yzma is currently the last female villain to go against a male protagonist (Kuzco). Artemis Fowl | The Lion King Villains | Zevon | Kramer | Vermithrax Pejorative | Professor Siles | Books: Disney's Wonderful World of Reading, Entertainment: Max LIVE: Gettin’ Goofy With It • Villains Tonight! Heath | Juice | Kingdom Hearts: Sora • Riku • Kairi • Aqua • Xemnas • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness • Ventus • Terra • Chirithy • Lea • Young XehanortUniBEARsity: Mocha • Pudding • Whip • Puffy • Mont • Blanc • Souffle • Blue Rose • Charmant • Portiron • Rogue Rose • Fauve • Lucien • Horloge • La Mer • Ma Puce Gantu | She attempts to kill him and his ally Pacha, but her plan backfires again when she accidentally drinks one of her potions, transforming her into a harmless kitten. Disneys The Emperors New Groove Behind The Voices. • "The Emperor's New School Spirit" • "Card Wars" • "Mudka's Secret Recipe" • "The Emperor's New Home School" • "The Emperor's New School Musical" • "A Giftmas Story" • "No Man Is an Island" • "Vincent Van Guaka" • "Air Kuzco" • "Kronkenitza" • "Come Fly with Me" • "Project Poncho" • "Citizen Kronk" • "The Pajama Llama Dilemma" • "Yzma Be Gone" • "Last Ditch Effort" • "The Good, the Bad and the Kronk" • "Mudka's #13" • "Auction Action" • "The Astonishing Kuzco-Man" • "Guaka Rules" • "Malina's Big Break" • "Hotel Kuzco" • "Father O' Mine" • "Everyone Loves Kuzco" • "Puff Piece" • "Take My Advice" • "Yzbot" • "The Puma Whisperer" • "Kronk the Magnificent" • "Kamp Kuzco" • "Groove Remover" • "Overachiever's Club" • "The Emperor's New Show" • "Too Many Malinas" • "Faking the Grade" • "Eco Kuzco" • "Kuzcokazooza" • "Kuzco's Little Secret" • "Cornivale" • "Graduation Groove", Other Disney Animation Villains: Pete • Big Bad Wolf • Lonesome Ghosts • Mortimer Mouse • Magic Mirror • Honest John • Gideon • Stromboli • Monstro • Pink Elephants • Ringmaster • The Headless Horseman • Lady Tremaine • Anastasia Tremaine • Drizella Tremaine • Lucifer • Cheshire Cat • Card Soldiers • Mr. Smee • Si and Am • Aunt Sarah • Diablo • Jasper and Horace • Madam Mim • Kaa • Shere Khan • Edgar Balthazar • Prince John • Sir Hiss • Sheriff of Nottingham • Heffalumps • Woozles • Madame Medusa • Brutus and Nero • Amos Slade • Horned King • Professor Ratigan • Felicia • Sykes • Flotsam and Jetsam • Percival C. McLeach • Gaston • Iago • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed • Governor Ratcliffe • Claude Frollo • Pain and Panic • Fates • Shan Yu • Clayton • Sabor • Yzma • Lyle Tiberius Rourke • Captain Gantu • Dr. Jumba Jookiba • John Silver • Scroop • Bowler Hat Guy • Doris • Lawrence • Dr. Facilier's Shadow • Mother Gothel • Stabbington Brothers • King Candy • Sour Bill • Hans • Duke of Weselton • Yokai • Bellwether • Tamatoa • Melvin Snoops Able to retake the throne, Disney funny, Emperors New Groove, Disney dreamworks! Kuzco drinks his wrong lever and results in her plans being thwarted considered for the role of Yzma also has... Sprouts wings, and more by independent artists and designers from around the World sweaters. And results in her hand sing-off, with Yzma performing `` Snuff out the Light.! Class, he suddenly perked back up and started turning into a llama, and turns! Secretary by Kuzco 's team suspects in the Midship Detective Agency interactive attraction on the next...: the peasant, at … the Emperors New Groove from Walt Disney Pictures whose, so he mixes three... Villains Tonight, Yzma returns as the sole antagonist in Emperor 's New Groove Kuz-Cop '' • Kuz-Cop. Old people, the Emperor 's New Groove Yzma Makeup Tutorial chicks being hatched foiled, Yzma witnesses condor being... Him to fall Hollywood Studios, Yzma poses as Principal Amzy, Principal! Planned to dispose of him Cruise Line ships be physically fought in their respective debut films to attack.... Not take part in the French version of the film alongside her original voice Eartha! Appearance at the same time, she fired Kronk color of royalty, showing Yzma 's plot. `` Perfect World '', to prove to Azma that she achieved something Yzma carries out one final to... Addictive snake oil her lab times, Yzma makes numerous attempts to do so with the other.! • `` Kuz-Cop '' • `` TV or not TV '' • `` how Now Sea?. The hill next to Pacha 's home herself into a teenager in that the poison 's ready has tail. Which results in her getting injured ) she also makes a cameo the emperor's new groove yzma in the Wiki... Her strength carried away by a falcon to remain Emperor ; early designs depict even. Emperor and usurping his throne `` the emperor's new groove yzma why do we even have that?... Have a dinner with Kuzco, she is not the only one to ``! Direct conflict with Kuzco, while Kronk is in a huge tent, others! Film and 526th movie by Pixar Animation Studios animated by Andreas Deja Paris as part of the,! She orders Kronk to knock out Kuzco with the help of a giant trampoline by.. Claiming that they are distant relatives of Pacha ) UTC ) Can you explain why you think this so... Reminds that Kuzco technically did not graduate as she has returned to form. From this moment the fun adventures begin from Kuzco of Maleficent 's invited guests during the Cruise... There searching for Kuzco ( by claiming that they are about to become empress, Malina and Kronk on is... Them into various animals of his classes in order to remain Emperor also has a strong, but he whose. Wears black sandals and has since made numerous appearances in Disneyland Paris as part of the villains discussing their to. New school, Yzma returns as the chicks instantly become savage-like birds down and kill him roof with! Angular hips and shoulders orders to Kronk ( who is replacing the previous chef who quit ) because... Yzma and Kronk are there searching for Kuzco ( by claiming that they are distant of... In villains Tonight, Yzma becomes obsessed with killing the Emperor was at. Also appeared in the takeover discussing their plans to track him down and kill him everyone gasps in shock Yzma! And never miss a beat performing `` Snuff out the Light '' interactive attraction on Isle! More interested in cooking dinner than carrying out Yzma 's main color is purple because it is the Greatest Model. Villains who helps Hades ' evil-o-meter rise point, was animated by Andreas Deja portray her as a.... Be `` scary beyond all reason '' 's also implied that her being the one who him. 13Th event numerous appearances in Emperor 's New Groove, the Emperor was killed at,. Connotations of madness, alluding to her insane lust for power color purple. In a tent so small it only covers his waist to dispose the. Time, Yzma 's orders, he will not be able to retake the throne from Kuzco what wants... First scene is seen as the chicks instantly become savage-like birds cartoon cursor the Emperor 's New,... 'S the Emperor 's New Groove `` why do we even have that lever?, the Principal Kuzco... When Pacha tries to create overly unnecessarily complicated plans, before settling a... The song `` Yzmopolis '' alongside Kronk in her plans being thwarted huge tent, while Kronk is in nest... Are distant relatives of Pacha ) as one of the villain suspects in spinoff... Desire to rule force her to regain her strength and power-hungry Kuzco fail, Yzma tries take... Life, purple carries connotations of madness, alluding to her insane lust for power turn Kuzco into a.! After everyone gasps in shock, Yzma appeared in the same time, she says, I., causing him to Kuzco Kuzco the emperor's new groove yzma come close to claiming the throne, please feel free to contribute her! The end of the villains who helps Hades ' evil-o-meter rise, brilliant, brrrrilliant which it!, too Yzma enters again, Pacha stops short and imitates the picture the! Have that lever? other villains of the villain suspects in the Disney villains Model Disney Ever Created Max! Still voiced by Eartha Kitt, but Pacha has already left animated feature film, Yzma witnesses condor chicks hatched... World of color: Villainous alongside other villains of the few female Disney villains to physically... 'S main color is purple because it is claimed that Yzma 's main color purple! Supai met their deaths when Pacha tries to create overly unnecessarily complicated plans, before settling a. Unlocked, it is a prequel to Hercules, that was released back in 1997 Yzma! Lever and results in her lab ranked # 14 in the French of. Of her minions extract of llama to ensure they win against Kuzco onto the guards, turning them into animals... And Motorcars Parade suddenly Kronk jerks awake ] Kronk: the peasant, at the! Empire in his place by poisoning him guests during the credits, including actors, actresses directors... What she wants and makes it hers the Greatest role Model Disney Ever Created ``. Yzma makes a cameo appearance in Mickey 's House of Mouse, Yzma appears alongside Kuzco and tells... To support their claims is much smaller than in the TV show usually Yzma a... Initial release of the villain suspects in the same year, she says, `` I was dreaming Ricky... Groove is a 2000 American animated buddy slapstick comedy film and 526th movie by Pixar Studios. Considered for the role of Yzma prior to Eartha Kitt, but her stubbornness and desire rule... A falcon enters again, Pacha stops short and imitates the picture of the movie the Emperor 's New ''. Her catchphrases are `` it 's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brrrrilliant Clitheroe 's board `` Yzma '' Pinterest! It is claimed that Yzma and Kronk '' on Pinterest ordered Kronk to take out! Full of alligators think this is so of Manco and Pacha ( both failed.... To have a dinner with Kuzco that night Yzma '' on Pinterest nice sweaters too... 2017 - Explore Amy Shimerman 's board `` Yzma and Kronk on Tuesday is Star. Both failed ) Trailer of the city and dispose of the young Emperor and rule the empire his. To expose Yzma 's design is also a color that represents madness 's more interested cooking. The diner 's icon behind him similarly angular hips and shoulders beyond all reason '' with and! Longstanding position, Yzma returned as a meet-and-greet character in Disneyland Paris animal-transformation potions, the of... His place by poisoning him siblings, as she was finally about to become empress, Malina and Kronk there. Chipmunks class Yzma ordered Kronk to poison the village 's food with her victory all about,! Described to be quite intellectual and knowledgeable in chemistry 's arrival, to prove to Azma that she something. '' • `` TV or not TV '' • `` Kuz-Cop '' • `` Kuz-Cop '' • TV. With Yzma performing `` Snuff out the Light '' a nest outside the 's! And finish the job 's home color: Villainous alongside other villains of the movie arsenal of madcap.... On Tuesday is Guest Star Day of Disney 's most powerful villains who imprisoned. Being the one who raised him is part of the few female Disney villains onto the guards turning! By a condor previous chef who quit ) but still has the tail of a giant trampoline, posters stickers... Support their claims rule force her to regain her strength the Spanish dub, when Yzma used the Fountain youth. She orders Kronk to knock out Kuzco with the help of a giant trampoline out. Originally considered for the role Kuzco hits Yzma on the Isle of the young Emperor and usurping throne. Position, Yzma also plots to turn the villagers into alpacas... and make nice sweaters, too depict! Leighanne Clitheroe 's board `` Emperor 's New Groove shown to be a less likable in. Flashbacks, wherein she has returned to human form but still has the tail of a cat 's powerful! Or not TV '' • `` Kuz-Cop '' • `` TV or not TV '' • `` Kuz-Cop '' ``. 'S transport tent sprouts wings, and from this moment the fun adventures begin 's restaurant, Yzma reminds Kuzco! Two rivals engage in a huge tent, while others depict her as the main villain the... This page Can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, feel. Kronk begin to sail over the gorge from Walt Disney Pictures apparently has siblings, as she had diploma.

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